Toby Sullivan

Toby Sullivan Physiotherapistt

Toby Sullivan

Toby Sullivan is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Associate member of the UK Strength and Conditioning Association.  He is also a runner and triathlete and understands the frustration of being injured. His passion is to help you come back faster and stronger than before, armed with the knowledge and skills to help prevent reinjury.


Toby graduated from St George’s Medical School, University of London and has subsequently worked around the UK and France and has also been involved with several Theatre, Film and TV productions. Early on in his career, alongside his busy clinic schedule, he pursued his interest in Sports Physiotherapy working with the Hammersmith and Fulham Rugby Team for 3 seasons. The next 4 years were taken up supporting professional dancers from the West-end Stage, TV and Film productions and his rockstar moment as physio occurred when he was needed on stage at Brixton Academy for the UK Breakdance Championships in front of 4000 people. During his career he has also managed to squeeze in a season Meribel in the French Alps, providing much needed attention to the aching spines and limbs of skiers and snowboarders as they stepped off the slopes.


He loves working with athletes from all sports focussing on getting them back to their best. He has worked extensively with runners and particularly enjoys getting injured runners back to running. When he is not entertaining his daughter, his spare time usually involves running; at present he is deep in training for the Virgin London Marathon where he hopes that, with a strong wind behind him, he is able to break the 3 hour barrier.


Chiropractic predominantly focuses on the health of the spine. This is because the spine protects the nervous system and dysfunction of the spinal column results in reduced activity within the nervous system negatively affecting health.


With modern living, the spine is subject to many different stresses (sedentary occupations, postural habits, poor nutrition etc) these can result in problems with the alignment and flexibility of the spine and/or the strength of the muscles that support it. These alignment, flexibility and strength issues of the spine are often the direct and indirect cause of injury, illness and dis-ease…


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