The Team

Dr Luther Moss DC, MChiro, PgCert, MCC
Chiropractor / Principal

Luther established ML Chiropractic Ltd. in 2009 after a lifelong ambition to run a clinic that addressed all areas of health. With a passion for nutrition and exercise his focus for the clinic has been for prevention of injury and illness as well as the management and rehabilitation of existing complaints.


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Dr Luther Moss - Principal chiropractor at ML
Dr Susan Strevens - Chiropractor at ML Chiropractic

Dr Susan Strevens

After 5 years of full time study Dr Susan Strevens qualified as a chiropractor, graduating from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. Susan went on to practice for 2 years in Auckland before relocating to continue her career in the UK in 2012. Susan’s interest in chiropractic developed through personal experience…..


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Dr Charlotta Binder

Charlotta graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth following a 5 year masters course in chiropractic. Her career choice came following the fantastic results she personally experienced through chiropractic treatment after a spinal injury in her teenage years. This sparked her curiosity into health, the function of the human body….


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Charlotta Binder chiropractor at ML
Dr Kiran Gill chiropractor at ML Chiropractic

Dr Kiran Gill

Kiran’s interest in Chiropractic developed through personal experience. With a history of being very active in sports, from playing soccer, tennis, horse riding and yoga since a young age, Kiran always had an interest in the human body…


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Simon Maskell
Biokinetics – Exercise Rehabilitation & Functional Exercise

Simon is a highly experienced Biokineticist with a BSc (Med)(Hons) Exercise Science (Biokinetics) Honours Degree from the University of Cape Town, South Africa (2007) and a BCom Sports Management Degree at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa (2006). He is passionate about helping people to return to normal function through exercise….


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Simon Maskell offers Biokenetics at ML Chiropractic
Lorena Parodi massage therapist

Lorena Parodi

Massage Therapist

Lorena is passionate about understanding and helping to improve the function of the human body. After suffering an injury in 2010 she became interested in learning how to assist the healing of the body through a natural approach. Through study and disciplined self application of ancient Chinese and Thai body healing techniques she made a recovery and was encouraged to continue her learning and help others experience the health benefits of body work and massage.



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Gloria Padulla
Massage Therapist

Gloria focuses on providing a holistic approach to her massage therapy. She believes in finding the root of the problem and not just the treating the symptoms. Understanding that massage is good way to help alleviate muscular aches and pains as well as to improve flexibility and function, Gloria has concentrated her career in massage on developing skills to allow her deliver consistent results…


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Gloria Padulla massage therapist
Sam Snow Functional Training

Sam Snow
Biokinetics – Exercise Rehabilitation & Functional Exercise

Sam qualified with an undergraduate degree in BSc Sport Science in 2013. She continued to do her honours degree, obtaining a BSc (Hons) Biokinetics in 2014 at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. Sam is highly qualified and well-experienced in Sports Massage Therapy and includes this treatment in her rehabilitation plan for patients as and when required.


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Alexsandra Rehlinger
Nutrition & Naturopathy

Alexsandra Rehlinger has been working internationally in health since 1988.

After initially considering studying orthodox medicine, Alexandra’s personal investigation into the creation and recovery of health led her to start her studies with Psychology using the Arts. She graduated with honours in Art and Psychology at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and worked successfully as a therapist with runaways in a family crisis unit in Los Angeles


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Alexsandra Rehlinger Nutrition & Naturopathy
Claire Durand - ML massage therapist

Claire Durand
Massage Therapy

Claire truly believes in the healing power of touch and the tremendous benefits a massage can give to both body and mind. this is what led her to qualify in therapeutic massage with the London college of massage in 1996, and to complete several  post graduate diplomas which include pregnancy massage and manuel lymphatic drainage (Face only).


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Toby Sullivan

Toby Sullivan is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Associate member of the UK Strength and Conditioning Association.  He is also a runner and triathlete and understands the frustration of being injured. His passion is to help you come back faster and stronger than before, armed with the knowledge and skills to help prevent reinjury.


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Toby Sullivan Physiotherapist at ML Chiropractic
Ellie Greenham manager at ML Chiropractic

Ellie Greenham

Ellie spent part of her early career working in Australia before returning to England and working as a PA for a film production company. She first came to meet the ML Chiropractic team when she became a patient after a long history of lower spinal pain and a lucky turn of events meant that she was able to join the company initially as a receptionist and Chiropractic Assistant and has since progressed to clinic manager.


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Tekla Kósa
Autogenic Therapy

After a long period of time suffering from insomnia and feeling overwhelmingly stressed, Tekla found Autogenic Training. She learnt it to be a fantastic method of controlling symptoms and aiding overall personal development. It was following her experience of AT that she decided to train as an autogenic therapist.


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Tekla Kosa - Autogenic Training at Ml Chiropractic
Natalie Williams receptionist at ML Chiropractic

Natalie Williams

Natalie has worked in a variety of healthcare industries over the past 7 years and was in fact one of the first members of the ML Chiropractic reception team during our opening years. After a few years away from the clinic we are delighted to welcome her back.


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