Tekla Kósa

Tekla Kosa - ML Autogenic Training

Tekla Kósa MSc, DipAT, IIR MAR

After a long period of time suffering from insomnia and feeling overwhelmingly stressed, Tekla found Autogenic Training. She learnt it to be a fantastic method of controlling symptoms and aiding overall personal development. It was following her experience of AT that she decided to train as an autogenic therapist.


Tekla moved to London and completed the British Autogenic Society Diploma course. Tekla has also achieved MSc Biology and BA Event Management (Culture and Education) degrees. Her biology background means that Tekla has a deep understanding the basic principles of Autogenic Training and how they can influence the physiological health of the body. Tekla is focused on working in depth with her patients, helping them achieve a sustainable, healthy balance of emotional and physical life.


As a registered member of the British Autogenic Society as well as an active member of its Steering Group and Trustee since 2009, Tekla has worked with a wide variety of conditions ranging from phobias and insomnia to pain management and cancer cases.


Tekla works closely with the other professionals within ML Chiropractic helping patients address the emotional aspects of any disorders or problems. Learning to regulate emotional/mental stress plays a vital part in the recuperation of any health condition and serves as a great aid to helping in successful self development.

Autogenic Training

Harry started ML Chiropractic Ltd. in partnership with
Dr. Lucas (DC) after a lifelong ambition to run a clinic
that addressed all areas of health. With a passion for
nutrition and exercise his focus for the clinic, alongside
Dr. Lucas’ (DC) has been for prevention of injury and
illness as well as the management and rehabilitation of
existing complaints


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