Dr Susan Strevens – Chiropractor

Dr Susan Strevens Chiropractic and paediatrics at ML Chiropratic

Dr Susan Strevens BSc Chiropractic, UCA & GCC Registered


After 5 years of full time study Dr Susan Strevens qualified as a chiropractor, graduating from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. Susan went on to practice for 2 years in Auckland before relocating to continue her career in the UK in 2012.


Susan’s interest in chiropractic developed through personal experience. At the age of 18 after attending a spinal screen held by a chiropractor, she discovered that spinal problems were the predominant cause of her long history of debilitating tension headaches that had plagued her life. Susan started a course of chiropractic care, her headaches disappeared and following her fantastic experience she was motivated to train to become a chiropractor.


Now, as a Doctor of Chiropractic Susan is focussed on identifying the underlying biomechanical, neurological or physiological cause of a patients’ complaint to help fully resolve their condition and restore normal function. Through assessing each patient extensively and working to restore structural function to the whole body, Susan succeeds in not only helping her patients recover from pain or discomfort but also with the prevention of future conditions and increased physical performance whether at home, work or in competitive sports.


Susan offers a personal and experienced chiropractic approach, combining her expertise, continued drive for post graduate education and caring personality to deliver outstanding care and results to her patients.


Dr Strevens has a special interest in holistic pregnancy and paediatric care and is experienced in working with expectant mothers, new born babies and young children an area for which she has a great passion. Her first hand clinical experience of the beneficial impact that gentle and effective chiropractic care can have on the quality of life for babies and infants has driven her to further her education and skills in this area and she is currently studying the ICPA paediatric certification programme.


Susan believes that achieving optimal spinal and body function through chiropractic care is a key component to healthy living, just like eating well or exercising regularly and she works tirelessly to help her patients achieve this.


In my post graduate experience in both New Zealand and the UK my passion for pregnancy care and paediatrics has grown, however I have experience caring for individuals of all ages from new born babies to athletes and geriatrics and am hugely committed to delivering the best standard of care and results to all of my patients.



Chiropractic predominantly focuses on the health of the spine. This is because the spine protects the nervous system and dysfunction of the spinal column results in reduced activity within the nervous system negatively affecting health.


With modern living, the spine is subject to many different stresses (sedentary occupations, postural habits, poor nutrition etc) these can result in problems with the alignment and flexibility of the spine and/or the strength of the muscles that support it. These alignment, flexibility and strength issues of the spine are often the direct and indirect cause of injury, illness and dis-ease.


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Paediatric Chiropractic

Chiropractic as an approach to paediatric care has long been providing vital assessment and treatment for many conditions that affect infants especially newborns and is growing in popularity due to the extensive knowledge of paediatric chiropractors and the extremely safe treatment techniques used that can offer help for some problems that commonly occur within our newborns and infants..


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