Some wonderful testimonials for our massage therapists!

02 Sep Some wonderful testimonials for our massage therapists!

We often ask patients for feedback about their experiences with our therapist to ensure that we are providing the best possible service to our clients. Here are some, of many, of our favourite testimonials for our massage therapists.

Ashlyn Fissenden – Massage Therapist


Ashlyn Fissenden - ML clinic assistant manager and massage therapist

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“I have been having massages tied in with chiropratic treatment for almost ten years now. In this time I have started to understand when a massage therapist is listening to my needs and providing me with the correct treatment.

It has taken me over five years now to find a massage therapist like Ashlyn, who not only listened to my needs, but provided me with a massage focusing on my problem areas, and with good pressure. She demonstrated a good knowledge and understanding of my history, and the benefits were felt then and after.

Having been to many massage therapists over the years I have now found one I want to return to, and will do.

Many thanks.”


“Thank you very much to Ashlyn of ml-chiropractic who gave me a sport massage recently.  After months of training for the Gower Marathon my body was sore, tight and have picked up little niggles along the way.  Ashlyn worked her magic on numerous trouble spots and I go into the marathon feeling fresh with no noticeable soreness or niggles.  Ashlyn gave probably the most effective sports massage I’ve ever had and I would highly recommend her and ml-chiropractic to anyone.”

Dave Sykes


Annabelle Haberkorn – Massage Therapist


Annabelle Haberkorn - ML Massage Therapist

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“Annabelle’s clinical understanding of musculosketal issues makes her one of my preferred therapists, especially when dealing with a complex patient case. Her ability to produce positive results in just a few sessions is astounding. When I am not begging her to see my patients, I am myself a patient. It is easy to tell she has an experienced touch, broad skill set, and exudes professionalism. She is compassionate, empathetic and intelligent. Annabelle’s firm understanding of functional movement and common imbalances in both posture and muscle allow her to address a variety of issues. She has personally helped me resolve lower extremity issues that other therapists couldn’t scratch the surface of. I am very grateful to have had Annabelle as part of my practice, not only help my patients achieve wellness, but myself as well!!”

Dr. Tara Kellogg, NYC


Arianna Flospergher – Massage Therapist


Arianna Flospergher at ML Chiropractic

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“I would like it on record and used as reference or review if the occasion permits but quite frankly the hour long appointment with Arianna was second to none. She is a fantastic masseuse and having had several sports physio appointments over the course of a long sporting history of injuries, I have only once come across someone as professional and energetic around the table. It was a truly beneficial massage which I am sad to say I have not had for quite some time.

I would hold Arianna’s ability’s in high regard and shall definitely be re-booking for next Saturday as am already feeling the benefits.”

Chris Hay