Quick Q & A – The Chiropractic Adjustment

01 Jul Quick Q & A – The Chiropractic Adjustment

The Chiropractic Adjustment


What are Vertebral Restrictions/Mi­­salignments?

These occur when there is a problem with the motion/alignment or nerve function in the spine. This can result in disruption of nerve signalling between the brain and the body. These areas of misalignment, stiffness and/or weakness within your spine can cause a variety of symptoms from stiffness, to pain or even headaches and pins and needles. They can also lead to accelerated spinal degeneration (osteoarthritis), causing stress on your physiology and occasionally marked pain and inflammation.


What are Adjustments?

Adjustments work to correct vertebral restrictions and misalignments . They are a specific, safe and effective method of restoring normal motion and alignment to the spine. Through introducing movement to the effected spinal joints the function of local spinal tissues improves as does the function of the nervous system. This results in increased health, vitality and healing potential.


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