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Paediatric Chiropractic


Chiropractic as an approach to paediatric care has long been providing vital assessment and treatment for many conditions that affect infants especially newborns and is growing in popularity due to the extensive knowledge of paediatric chiropractors and the extremely safe treatment techniques used that can offer help for some problems that commonly occur within our newborns and infants.


So why would a baby need chiropractic?


The birthing process is, even during the best of labours, a strenuous and physically demanding task for both mother and baby. The physical forces placed on the baby during delivery are very significant, this can be made worse if complications occur such as a breech delivery, the need for ventouse or forceps, c-sections or simply a prolonged labour.


These forces can lead to understandable strain on muscular and joint tissues of the newborn resulting in musculoskeletal discomfort for the baby or even marked spasm such as is the case in torticollis. This can be observed in the baby if there is positional asymmetry but also a muscle spasm is painful and therefore babies will often show increased levels of crying, disturbed sleep and problems with feeding.


Breastfeeding requires the baby to be able to lie comfortably with the head rotated. Some birth traumas can make this difficult for new born’s meaning that if uncomfortable when in these positions, they can show difficulty with breastfeeding or favour one side more than the other.


Chiropractic assessment for your newborn can help to identify any explanations behind problems with sleeping, crying and feeding but importantly can also help to identify misalignment that may not yet be causing a problem with your child. As in adults the effect of a misalignment may take many years to present as pain or discomfort and therefore proactive and preventative assessment is always the best option.


By maintain the musculo-skeletal and hence neurological function of a newborn you are giving them the post possible opportunity for healthy growth and development.


Susan joins our team with experience in paediatrics and a natural way with babies. As well as helping to assess your baby for alignment issues she will also check developmental benchmarks and offers a great support for new mothers and fathers as a health professional who can help guide you through the often daunting stages of early parenthood.

Dr Susan Strevens - Chiropractor at ML Chiropractic

Dr Susan Strevens – Chiropractor

Dr Strevens has a special interest in holistic pregnancy and paediatric care and is experienced in working with expectant mothers, new born babies and young children an area for which she has a great passion. Her first hand clinical experience of the beneficial impact that gentle and effective chiropractic care can have on the quality of life for babies and infants has driven her to further her education and skills in this area and she is currently studying the ICPA paediatric certification programme.


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