Our Approach

Our approach

The ML practice in Fulham was established to offer patients a multi-faceted approach to true healthcare. Our passion lies in helping people return to, achieve and maintain good health. We placed together specifically selected professions to work side by side offering professional guidance and care in the 3 key areas of health; physical health, dietary health and emotional health.


The foundation of our approach to health and the structure of our clinic comes from the understanding that the vast majority of health conditions arise because the influence of our environment on our bodies and not because of our genes.


Although it is still commonly thought that genes determine our health, actually only a very small percentage of health issues (around 5-10%) are caused by faulty genes alone. The remainder of health issues from the majority of cancers, diabetes, and other chronic and acute health conditions appear to be caused by environmental stresses and their effects on our body.


Environmental stresses can be summarised into 3 areas; physical, nutritional/chemical and emotional. In order to help our bodies repair effectively from injury, help prevent the occurrence of future health conditions or function optimally, minimising stresses in these areas is essential:


Physically we need to avoid the stresses created by the sedentary lifestyles many of us have, the poor postures which are so common in modern society and the chronic repetitive activities which we so commonly see, and we need to move to support the body with sufficient levels of movement and physical activity.


Nutritionally we need to make sure we are avoiding toxins that are excessively present in the modern environment and at the same time supply our bodies with the raw materials (vitamins, minerals, nutrients) required for health.


Emotionally we need to ensure that we maintain a balanced state of mind which is becomingly increasing difficult in modern city living, with ever longer working hours and high pressure work and living environments.


As all of these areas of our environment are ultimately under our own control, the ability to make positive changes physically, nutritionally and emotionally allows us to have a phenomenal impact on our own day to day and long term health.


Our professionals offer experience and expertise in all of the areas above and work side by side to provide our patients with a focussed care plan that is targeted towards recovery from current injury or ailments, prevention of future health conditions and optimising performance in daily life and health.

Our team of health professionals

At ML we have placed together a collection of well trained and experienced professionals across a range of specialisms in order to ensure that we can offer our patients and practice members expert advice and treatment in the key areas health.


With chiropractors, massage therapists and personal trainers helping to maintain your structure and function we also provide acupuncture, autogenic training and nutritional consultations all in house ensuring we can offer you the right avenue of care for your specific needs.


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