Nutrition and naturopathy – An introduction

How we eat and the nutrients we put into our body have a major influence on our health. In addressing specific health disorders, injury recovery and in the maintenance of long term health, the importance of diet should not be underestimated.


Food provides the building blocks for our cells and therefore determines the quality of the structure of our bodies.


Learning about nutrition and improving your diet are some of the easiest and most effective ways for you to positively influence your health and the health of your family. Good nutrition helps to boost vitality, strengthens immunity and can protect you against future health issues.

Our approach

Our approach to nutrition is on an individual basis with guidelines specially created for each patient and therefore we aim to get the best possible understanding of your health and current dietary habits through detailed history taking and examination.


Once we have created your guidelines our objective is to make recommendations that are sustainable, simple and that enable you to enjoy a healthy diet.


We understand that food should be both healthy and enjoyable and our nutritionist will work with you to help simplify and clarify healthy eating.


Nutritional consultations are appropriate whether you are looking to optimize your health, learn what foods are best for you and your children, strengthen your immune system or address a specific health concern.


What conditions can be helped by nutritional therapy

Some of the most common health conditions seen by our nutritionist include:


Hayfever and sinus issues, IBS, constipation, bloating, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s, weight issues, hormal issues such as infertility, PMT, Menopause and PCOS, thyroid problems, acne treatment from, eczema and psoriasis, fatigue, diabetes insomnia, anxiety and panic attacs and high cholesterol.


What to expect

A booking with our nutritionist involves a 1 hour initial consultation, creation of a tailored nutritional programme and 60 minute follow up appointment.


Before your first consultation we ask you to fill out an in depth health assessment exploring your health issues, diet medical history and lifestyle habits. This allows us to get a good understanding of your history before your first consultation. Your consultation will expand on this information and may involve examination. Occasionally we may need to refer you out for further clinical or blood testing. Once all the information is gathered our nutritionist will create a specially designed nutritional programme which will be explained to you in detail during your follow up consultation.

Alexsandra Rehlinger Nutrition & Naturopathy

Alexsandra Rehlinger


After working passionately in health since 1988, Alexsandra has worked internationally and continues to attract clients from across the world.


Her dedicated studies in a wide range of disciplines and continued research into optimal health allow her to provide a unique approach to her patient care.


After initially considering studying orthodox medicine, Alexandra’s personal investigation into the creation and recovery of health led her to start her studies with Psychology using the Arts….


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