Neck pain, posture and blood pressure

17 Mar Neck pain, posture and blood pressure

It has been reported in chiropractic journals for many years that in some cases, patient’s blood pressure issues can improve through chiropractic care.

A study conducted by a Professor of Neuroscience at Leeds University, Jim Deuchars, found a correlation between the muscles in the neck, blood pressure, and heart rate. Neural pathways between the paraspinal neck muscles and the part of the brainstem that plays a crucial role in regulating heart rate and blood pressure called the nucleus tractus solitarius.

Proper postural alignment has an impact on vascular health and they also suggested that the postural hypotension that so many people seem to suffer from may also be related to the health of your neck. When people feel dizzy when they stand up too quick, it is often attributed to low blood pressure without any thought or understanding why they may experience that and others don’t.

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