Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams - ML receptionist

Natalie Williams

Natalie has worked in a variety of healthcare industries over the past 7 years and was in fact one of the first members of the ML Chiropractic reception team during our opening years. After a few years away from the clinic we are delighted to welcome her back.


Through her own experience with chiropractic and her insight into natural health and wellbeing, Natalie is passionate about helping patients to the get the best from preventative and proactive healthcare choices.


Natalie has enjoyed getting regular chiropractic adjustments since treatment helped her recover form an accident in early 2010. She loves reading and spending time outdoors being active with her family.


Chiropractic predominantly focuses on the health of the spine. This is because the spine protects the nervous system and dysfunction of the spinal column results in reduced activity within the nervous system negatively affecting health.


With modern living, the spine is subject to many different stresses (sedentary occupations, postural habits, poor nutrition etc) these can result in problems with the alignment and flexibility of the spine and/or the strength of the muscles that support it. These alignment, flexibility and strength issues of the spine are often the direct and indirect cause of injury, illness and dis-ease…


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