Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy at ML

What is massage therapy

Massage works with your body using the hands to help remove tension from muscles, breakdown scar tissue or adhesions, improve healing after injury, improve lymphatic flow, correct postural problems and maximize muscle strength during training. Massage creates a better state of relaxation and recovery within the body.


Our Approach

With the modern stresses of daily life and the tension which develops because of them, massage is beneficial for everyone to have on a regular basis. Rather than being a luxury/rare event, having regular massages will help with aches and pains, posture, stress and overall health. Specifically massage is very useful if you are suffering from injury or postural problems, if you are pregnant or if you are in specific training for any sporting event.


At ML we offer a variety of massages addressing a number of needs:


Deep tissue and sports massage are used to complement chiropractic treatment, help with recovery from injury and maintenance of flexibility and strength. These massages tend to use firm pressure (although always guided by your comfort) focused on effecting the superficial and deep muscles of the body.


Holistic massages are more gentle massages focusing on promoting relaxation, improving lymphatic drainage and flushing toxins.


Specialised pregnancy massage which helps the body to cope with the new stresses of carrying the additional weight of a child.


What conditions can helped by massage

The benefits of massage are far reaching and include


– Prevention of injury

– Increased circulation

– Flexibility and increased range of movement

– Improvement of lymphatic flow

– Decrease recovery time after exercise

– Pain relief

– Reduce aging of skin.



What to expect

At your first appointment you will be asked to fill in a simple questionnaire. This will enable your massage therapist to better cater to your specific requirements.


During your first massage your massage therapist will make recommendations for future care including duration and frequency of the massages you may require.

Annabelle Haberkorn - ML Massage Therapy

Annabelle Haberkorn

Annabelle started on her path of health and well-being in 2005 with practicing, studying, and teaching Yoga. An ever growing interest in anatomy, physiology, movement, and the desire to develop a more therapeutic approach to her yoga teaching and practice led her to study bodywork, leading to getting her ITEC level 3 in Holistic massage.


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Lorena Parodi

Lorena is passionate about understanding and helping to improve the function of the human body. After suffering an injury in 2010 she became interested in learning how to assist the healing of the body through a natural approach. Through study and disciplined self application of ancient Chinese and Thai body healing techniques she made a recovery and was encouraged to continue her learning and help others experience the health benefits of body work and massage ……..


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