Lorena Parodi

Lorena Parodi massage therapist at ML Chiropractic

Lorena Parodi, Massage Therapist


Lorena is passionate about understanding and helping to improve the function of the human body. After suffering an injury in 2010 she became interested in learning how to assist the healing of the body through a natural approach.


Through study and disciplined self application of ancient Chinese and Thai body healing techniques she made a recovery and was encouraged to continue her learning and help others experience the health benefits of body work and massage. Lorena went on to study traditional Thai reflexology a later became a Sports Massage Therapist and is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.


Originally working in her country of origin, Argentina, she continue to work with massage and body work in Germany, Italy and Spain before settling in the UK in 2017.


Lorena continues to develop her skills an understanding through regular CPD and is committed to helping others appreciate the importance of physical health and wellbeing, injury prevention and the role that massage can play in achieving these goals.


At ML Chiropractic Lorena works alongside the other professionals helping patients recover from injury, prevent its re-occurrence and to assist in improving physical function in every day life and competitive sport. Her caring and amiable approach to patients, combined with her experience and expertise make her an essential addition to the team at ML.

Massage Therapy

Massage works with your body using the hands to help remove tension from muscles, breakdown scar tissue or adhesions, improve healing after injury, improve lymphatic flow, correct postural problems and maximize muscle strength during training. Massage creates a better state of relaxation and recovery within the body..


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