Kyle Poleon

Kyle Poleon - PT at ML Chiropractic

Kyle Poleon, Advanced Personal Trainer, Resistance Training Specialist, UKSCA, Adv Massage and Deep Massage, Active Release Technique


Kyle joins the team at ML to provide personally tailored personal training, whether your goal is body transformation, injury rehabilitation or general health and fitness Kyle will create a system tailored to suit your needs.


Forming 1 half of Poleon Tailored Fitness, Kyle brings to his training a wealth of experience starting 12 years ago while playing semi professional football. He continues to apply his experience and knowledge of competitive sports to his personal training program, keeping himself in prime condition, and integrates this with his extensive knowledge base to get the best possible results for his clients


Kyle believes that too often in the fitness industry there is what has been called “the perfect program” or “the perfect nutrition plan” and while most programs provide some good information, many clients are left either disappointed or unsatisfied with their progress and results. This has driven Kyle to train in a variety of different training and physical therapy disciplines allowing him to provide a systematic and tailored approach to each individual. It is this individual approach that is the key to the fantastic and sustainable results he sees with his clients.


As well as working on a personal basis Kyle also provides clients with online coaching and video tutorials that allow access to training if you are away on holiday or just unable to make it to the gym.


Kyle is continuing to develop his knowledge base, currently studying in Precision Nutrition Coaching and Crossfit Level 1.


If you are looking for a new approach to health and fitness that leads to sustainable health results then please contact Kyle for more information.


Your health is the most important asset that you can possess. That’s why fitness and nutrition should be taken seriously. Here at ML we can educate you as well as give you every available opportunity to reach your goals and improve your quality of life
ML Personal Trainer

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