James Carolan

James Carolan at ML Chiropractic

James Carolan – Massage Therapist


James has been practicing as a massage therapist for over 10 years. He has studied at the Richdales Institute based in Hammersmith Hospital, Bodyharmonics Centre in Cheltenham and The Shen Mantra School. Qualified in a number of different massage techniques he holds diplomas in Holistic massage, Indonesian massage, Thai yoga massage, acupuncture, Tui Na and Yoga teaching.


After having initially trained in dance for three years at the Arts Educational School, James has an intrinsic understanding of the effect that consistent stresses can have on the physical body and the mind and the important role that massage can play in improving health in both of these areas.


Alongside his work as a massage therapist James teaches yoga and is dedicated to continuing his study and expand his knowledge in remedial and therapeutic body techniques. Having training and experience in both Western and Eastern systems of integrated therapies he has gained the benefit of looking at the body not only from an anatomical perspective but also from the eastern viewpoint of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), offering a more rounded approach to patient care.


James works with a varied patient base ranging from those recovering from long term or acute musculoskeletal injury to maintaining the health and flexibility of sportsmen and women, helping with chronic pain management, stress management and deep relaxation.


James’ objective is to help patients towards a better state of physical function and overall health and often pulls on his experience as a yoga teacher to administer home exercises and stretches to patient so they can maintain their improvements between treatments.

Massage Therapy

Massage works with your body using the hands to help remove tension from muscles, breakdown scar tissue or adhesions, improve healing after injury, improve lymphatic flow, correct postural problems and maximize muscle strength during training. Massage creates a better state of relaxation and recovery within the body..


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