Functional Training

Functional Training at ML

Function training, rehabilitation and prescriptive exercise


Building and maintaining strength, fitness and physical function is a key component not only in recovery from injury or ailment but importantly in the prevention of future injury and the maintenance of health.


To ensure sustainable, easy access to effective and individually assessed prescriptive exercise programmes ML Chiropractic have teamed together with functional intelligent therapy fit8.


Revolutionising the industry’s approach to physical health and fitness by providing personal training as part of a physiotherapy, rehabilitation and prescriptive exercise regime fit8 provide progressive solutions to clients suffering with, recovering from or living with sports injury, back and neck pain, pre and post-op conditions, degenerative and neurological conditions.


Louise Whelan, Laurence Whelan and Kieron Vorster, head up the fit8 team of physiotherapists, physical therapists and functional coaches. Developed in 2003 the fit8 system was established following the founders’ first hand experience of the success of professional athletic training programs, inspired to provide this high quality service and results to a wider client base. The fit8 training system was developed to integrate physiotherapy, rehabilitation and principles used by professional athletes and set new standards within the fitness and rehab industry.


Working out of the ML Chiropractic private gym suite (as well as 2 other locations within London), fit8 provide an uninterrupted prescriptive exercise programme delivering truly personal, affordable, effective and progressive results ensuring that you reach your physical health goals


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The fit8 approach to fitness


The fit8 system is directed by their lead physiotherapist with the support of a team of therapists and fitness professionals for the care, protection, maintenance and restoration of the client’s physical health and functionality


Starting with an  initial consultation, assessments and screening or following referral from your chiropractor your bespoke training program is developed to take you through the key stages necessary to achieve health and fitness.


Rehabilit8 – if necessary this stage of training will focus on repair and restore body tissues following chronic conditions or tissue injury


Activ8 – once pain free training will focus on activating the correct muscle sequencing returning the body to a normal state


Consolid8 – This stage of training focuses on stabilising optimal posture throughout normal range of motion without compromising functionality


Acceler8 – The phase of training that focusses on pushing you to injury free maximum function and performance


fit8 work with a specific approach to each individual, helping them achieve their personal goals whether that be recovery from acute or long term injury, improving fitness or working towards a competitive event.


What to expect


The first stage is your assessment, if you are under chiropractic care your programme will be guided by your chiropractor and if not your assessment will be done by the Lead Physical therapist. Following diagnosis the therapist will determine the length of time and protocols expected for the treatment journey.


During the programme you will undergo regular re-assessesments of body functionality, progression and prognosis based on the original assessment, adapting the prescriptive programme accordingly and moving the client through the different phases until they are discharged injury free with maximal functionality


A membership includes physiotherapy assessments, rehabilitation, prescriptive exercise sessions, functional exercise classes, functional and biomechanical assessments and body stat testing; the only difference in the packages is how many sessions you have each week


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Louise Wheelan - Personal Training at ML

Louise Whelan


Alongside Laurence Whelan and Kieron Voster, Louise Whelan is the co-founder of the fit8 training system which was developed in 2003. The system was established following the founders’ success within a national gym group and their development of the largest and most successful adult and junior tennis program in the UK.


Inspired to provide the highest quality of service and results to their customers, the fit 8 training system was developed to integrate physiotherapy, rehabilitation and principles used by professional athletes and set new standards within the fitness and rehab industry.


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