Ferment to your heart’s content

03 Aug Ferment to your heart’s content

Fermenting has been a traditional way of preparing and preserving food by cultures around the world for centuries. There must be a reason:

  1. Amazing source of probiotics to take care of the bacteria that outnumber our human cells by 10 to 1!
    • Digestive health
    • Immune system health
    • Neurological
    • Has a important influence on mood and psychology
  2. Reduce DNA and cellular mutations
  3. Great source of:
    • Vitamin A (reduces risk of macular degeneration and cataracts)
    • Vitamin B (
    • Vitamin C (white blood cell formation, cellular repair)
    • Vitamin K (bone health)
  4. Anti-inflammatory
  5. Aids food absorbtion
  6. Preserves food for weeks or months
  7. (and the list goes on.)