The well-equiped gym at ML Chiropractic



At ML we provide a professional environment that is both welcoming and friendly, offering our patients a relaxed setting where they can come with their families to consult with our healthcare specialists.


Our reception area offers a comfortable environment for you to wait in prior to your appointment where teas and coffees are available and our reception staff and chiropractic assistants are on hand to answer any questions and make any bookings needed.


We have 5 well-equipped consultation and therapy rooms where we offer chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, nutritional consultations and autogenic training.


Downstairs in the clinic we have an onsite private gym for one on one or small group rehabilitation and personal training. The gym is fitted with all the necessary equipment for our specialist rehabilitation and training programmes. We also have provide shower facilities should you require them.


Whenever I visit ML the staff are always so welcoming. I love relaxing in reception
before my appointment and the private gym has
been the ideal environment for my rehabilitation.

C. Richly, Fulham.


The gym at ML

All of your training will take place in a private gym. This means you will be training in a gym without the disturbance of distraction of other gym goers. It will be just you, your trainer and the exercises meaning a focussed and productive training session.


The Core Clinic training programmes are focussed on activating your core and improving your fitness in the most efficient and natural way possible; using your bodyweight and natural movement patterning to challenge your fitness and strength. Because of this we intentionally limit the equipment we use, however your training may involve the use of:


  • Static bike
  • Treadmill (for gait analysis)
  • Kettle bells
  • Swiss balls
  • TRX



If you would like to view the gym or meet your trainer before you start please call 02077317640 and we will arrange a time for you to come in.


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