Connections and habits

07 Jan Connections and habits

The health of the body depends on connections, neurologically and otherwise. It depends on communication, strong foundations, deep roots and powerful raw materials. It is up to us to determine how each unique but interconnected component develops and functions through how we eat, move and think. 

For the full genetic expression of our innate potential, we need certain requirements. Through providing these we have no choice but to healthy, vital and exude love. We need healthy cells, and we need each one of those cells to be in communication with the other cells (directly or indirectly). And fuelling this, the bigger picture is a unifying purpose. Yes each cell is an individual, but they unite together for the common good, the thriving of something greater than themselves.

It begins with a cell. There is an inherent geometry that allows that cell to multiply into a more complicated structure. That multicellular organism continues to grow into organs, then systems, then a human. At each level of evolution, a higher ordered level of intelligence is here to guide it. A corporate body is just a more evolved system than a corporal body. In business, we are like those cells in a bigger body, ML Chiropractic is a 14 cell body in fact! And it doesn’t stop there, it just scales up in octaves of vibration from cells, organisms, humans, families, businesses, cities, nations, global associations, and it will undoubtedly continue to grow to interplanetary communities. We are just a piece in the middle of the infinite micro and the infinite macro.

Our daily habits are behind all of this. As unsexy as that sounds, it’s the truth. Habits are not something that will be formed (or possibly even have an effect) immediately, and this is what makes them hard to form. If we smoked one cigarette and instantly had the haggard face of an 80 year old, black shrivelled lungs and yellow teeth, it is pretty unlikely that we would smoke. The slow insidious effects of smoking make it hard, as one smoke will have an imperceptible effect. Likewise with positive habits, the effects one run, one salad, one meditation, one yoga class, one chiropractic adjustment, may not be all that demonstrative, but imagine the power of doing them every day for a year, imagine where your life would be, imagine who you would be.

Habits are what do every day. We create our habits and our habits form our lives. When we are not happy with how our life is going we will often blame, point fingers, slide into victimhood, pass the buck and check out. The masses follow this mentality that is a self perpetuating beast and it grows in strength. But what takes real strength is to take total responsibility for everything in our lives, not just the bits we like, but everything. What we think, say and do, the choices we make on a consistent basis forge the direction of our lives, not the big things that come around every so often, but the seemingly innocuous decisions we make every single day.  

So it boils down to this. If our beliefs, thoughts, words and actions are in alignment, if we take consistent steps to develop the habits that closes the gap between where we are now and where we want to be, growth and evolution is inevitable.

I truly believe that we each have something unique to offer, and the environment to do so. But be patient. Be patient with each other, be patient with yourselves as there is a compounding effect when changes begin.