Chiropractic in Sports

10 Jul Chiropractic in Sports

So what do the latest 2 Golf major winners, Jordan Spieth (the Masters) and Zach Johnson  (The British Open) have in common?

They are of course both chiropractic patients getting adjusted on a weekly basis.

Jordan declared:

  • “Dr. Van Biezen is an important member of my team and, thanks to his care, my all-time dream of winning the Masters Tournament has now become a reality,”

Zach’s chiropractor also happens to be his father who says:

  • “Zach has been receiving chiropractic care his entire life,” states Dr. Johnson, a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, who notes that his son continues to receive regular adjustments while on and off the PGA Tour. “Throughout his professional career, Zach has relied on chiropractic to help prevent, manage and treat the wide array of injuries that athletes are susceptible to, and to help keep his body functioning at its best.”

Through maintaining the movement and alignment of the spine, the nervous system is allowed to function at its free-flowing best

  • Speed up the recovery from injuries
  • Reduce the likelihood of getting injured in the first place
  • Enhancing the coordination, reflexes, speed, power of the musculoskeletal system

If it’s good enough for major winning professional golfers, it’s good enough for me!