Autogenic Training

Autogenic Training at ML Chiropractic

What is Autogenic Training

Autogenic Training (AT), sometimes referred to as ‘western meditation,’ is a mind and body technique which involves simple relaxation and body awareness exercises. These reduce the intensity of the body’s stress response and replace it with a calmer state in which body healing naturally takes place.


Our Approach

The basis is a series of six simple mental exercises focusing on various body systems. Each week you learn a new exercise, building on the previous week’s practice. You will also be taught exercises which will help you release both current and previously suppressed emotions and stresses. AT exercises are then practiced two to three times a day, for a few minutes at a time.


The role of relaxation and mind-body techniques is becoming increasingly recognised as a vital component of a health. Helping people suffering from specific health conditions or those wanting to achieve a better work life balance and improved stress control.


What to expect

Autogenic Training is normally taught over eight to ten weeks, in one-hourly sessions if working as an individual, or longer sessions when learning in a small group (four to six people). We welcome people to attend for a taster session before committing to a full programme of training.

Through regular practice you will gain more control and experience an increase in confidence and self-esteem, concentration and focus and an improvement in the quality of your sleep. Increased resilience to physical and emotional upsets is a key benefit.


How can Autogenic Training benefit me?

AT can help with the some of the symptoms of the following conditions; medications for panic attacks and anxiety, phobias, high blood pressure, headaches and migraine, insomnia, asthma and other respiratory problems, stress, chronic fatigue, diabetes, diseases of the digestive system, muscular pain and unresolved grief


The benefits of emotional or mental techniques such as AT, which work to retrain the way in which our brains and bodies function are now widely recognised and accepted.


The list of benefits includes:


– Helping you switch from stress to relaxation
– Increasing confidence and self-esteem
– Improving sleep quality
– Improving concentration and focus
– Reducing or eliminating anxiety
– Providing a tool for self-empowerment
– Restoring health and emotional balance
– Promoting personal growth

Tekla Kosa - Autogenic Training at Ml Chiropractic

Tekla Kosa

After a long period of time suffering from insomnia and feeling overwhelmingly stressed, Tekla found Autogenic Training. She learnt it to be a fantastic method of controlling symptoms and aiding overall personal development. It was following her experience of AT that she decided to train as an autogenic therapist.


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