Annabelle Haberkorn

Annabelle Haberkorn - ML Massage Therapist

Annabelle Haberkorn LMT / AOS Massage Therapy / Dip Yoga TTC

Annabelle started on her path of health and well-being in 2005 with practicing, studying, and teaching Yoga. An ever growing interest in anatomy, physiology, movement, and the desire to develop a more therapeutic approach to her yoga teaching and practice led her to study bodywork, leading to getting her ITEC level 3 in Holistic massage. Annabelle worked as a freelance practitioner in London before moving to New York to further study at the Swedish Institute, completing a 16 months full-time Massage Therapy program.


Annabelle graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Massage Therapy, also successfully completing the New York State licensing exam, and went on to work for a busy chiropractic clinic in New York City as well as a fitness club’s Spa.


Annabelle currently practices bodywork full-time and continues to expand her knowledge by studying with various teachers, with a specific interest in Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue/Sports massage, Trigger Point Therapy, breath work, combined with posture / movement assessment.


Her massage work focuses on assisting clients with:

– Releasing muscular tension

– Recovering from injuries (including RSI, Sports, post-surgery)

– Increasing flexibility

– Encouraging proper breathing patterns

– Deep relaxation


Her treatments are specifically designed for each individual and evolve as their needs change. Annabelle can also include stretch / yoga / breathing suggestions when appropriate to help with self-care between treatments to optimise recovery/health.


Annabelle's clinical understanding of musculosketal issues makes her one of my preferred therapists, especially when dealing with a complex patient case. Her ability to produce positive results in just a few sessions is astounding. When I am not begging her to see my patients, I am myself a patient. It is easy to tell she has an experienced touch, broad skill set, and exudes professionalism. She is compassionate, empathetic and intelligent. Annabelle's firm understanding of functional movement and common imbalances in both posture and muscle allow her to address a variety of issues. She has personally helped me resolve lower extremity issues that other therapists couldn't scratch the surface of. I am very grateful to have had Annabelle as part of my practice, not only help my patients achieve wellness, but myself as well!!
Dr. Tara Kellogg, NYC


Massage Therapy

Massage works with your body using the hands to help remove tension from muscles, breakdown scar tissue or adhesions, improve healing after injury, improve lymphatic flow, correct postural problems and maximize muscle strength during training. Massage creates a better state of relaxation and recovery within the body..


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