An overview

Understanding health at ML Chiropractic

The bigger picture


‏‏When getting an idea of health in a general sense we need to ask ourselves 2 questions:


‏ – Why are we sick?
‏ – What is healing and how does it happen?


‏We have done a good job at making ourselves sick. We haven’t changed genetically in 40,000 years and evolution says we should be getting stronger, so why are we getting sicker and sicker? Why is chronic disease at an all time high? What has changed?


‏Healing is inherently an internal job. We are self-healing and self-regulating organisms and we need to ask the question: are we are sick because of a deficiency in drugs or an excess in body parts, or are we sick because of an imbalance (toxicity or deficiency) in our environment, i.e. how we eat, move and think?


‏”As human beings, we have no choice about whether we have a philosophy. Your only choice is whether you define your philosophy by conscious, rational, disciplined thought” – Ayn Rand.


‏Is what we believe about the body and healing an idea that we have truly and thoughtfully identified or has it been formed by society, culture and the media? And what does this have to do with health? Our fundamental beliefs will dictate our actions, and our actions will produce certain results. If we believe that the health we express is largely down to luck, chance or genetics then we become disempowered. If we believe that the way we exercise, our nutrition and the way we mentally and emotionally engage with the world with balanced perceptions will influence how we feel then that will lead to a very different experience.

Taking positive action

‏If we can proactively engage with a deliberate and positive focus towards a worthy ideal, there will be an increased probability of expressing a higher level of well being. This may come in the form of physical, emotional or even spiritual well being.

To facilitate change in the body requires three ingredients; time, consistency and repetition. Commitment is needed but that doesn’t mean that change isn’t possible, or even that it can’t be fun!


We are here to help you as much as possible regain and maintain what may have been lost.