Alexsandra Rehlinger

Alexandra Rehlinger - Nutrition at ML Chiropractic

Alexsandra Rehlinger BA (Hons), MNLP, Cert AdvNutr, DipASK, DipIrid



Alexsandra Rehlinger has been working internationally in health since 1988.


After initially considering studying orthodox medicine, Alexandra’s personal investigation into the creation and recovery of health led her to start her studies with Psychology using the Arts. She graduated with honours in Art and Psychology at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and worked successfully as a therapist with runaways in a family crisis unit in Los Angeles.


During this early stage of her career she saw how diet and biochemistry made the difference to a person’s state and ultimately their perspectives, choices and behaviours. Also at this time Alexsandra competed as a competitive triathlete and understood that nutrition was vital for performance and focus. Following a major accident changed her life, her personal and then professional attention was then focused distinctly towards rehabilitation and therapeutic nutrition. Alexsandra went on to gain qualification with pioneers in the field of clinical and naturopathic nutrition (Barbara Wren, Dr Lawrence Plaskett, Patrick Holford, Dr Jeffrey Bland)—and Chinese food medicine (Montse Bradford).


Still wanting to understand the human body and health even further she continued her studies achieving a Diploma in Applied Systematic Kinesiology and a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming.


Alexsandra has taught and lectured on the nutritional and holistic aspects of chronic immune disease, medicine for weight loss from, depression, digestive and hormone problems and has also been widely quoted and featured in the media including on Discovery Health Channel, The Times Sunday Supplement, The Guardian, a regular contributor to Men’s Health Magazine, The Evening Standard, Viva, Natural Health Magazine, Holland & Barratt Magazine, among many.


Personally Alexsandra loves to create healthy recipes as well innovative performance tonics that help her to enjoy her passions of Pilates, Gyrotonics, yoga and cycling. She is continually reading and researching to feed her desire to understand more about optimal health. After living in many countries she has called London home for the past 20 years where her practice has thrived.


My studies and experience have provided me with a set of wide ranging advanced skills to identify subtle and chronic imbalances and more effectively facilitate optimal and sustainable health. I now integrate these into innovative ‘whole person’ life changing protocols and am lucky to work with patients all over the world.

A. Rehlinger, ML Nutritionist.


Nutrition and naturopathy


How we eat and the nutrients we put into our body have a major influence on our health. Both in addressing specific health disorders/injury recover and in the maintenance of long term health the importance of diet cannot be underestimated.


Food provides the building blocks for our cells and therefore determines the quality of the structure of our bodies.


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