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Fulham's premium
integrated health clinic

At ML we have placed together a collection of well trained and experienced professionals across a range of specialisms in order to ensure that we can offer our patients and practice members expert advice and treatment in the key areas health



Chiropractic restores and maintains spinal and neurological function using non-invasive techniques.

Nutrition & Naturopathy

How we eat and the type of nutrients we put into our body have a major influence on our health.

Pregnancy Chiropractic

Pregnancy chiropractic nurtures a strong, healthy spine and pelvis throughout your pregnancy

Massage Therapy

Massage works with your body using the hands to help remove tension from muscles, breakdown scar tissue...


The aim of physiotherapy is to restore normal movement in order to get you back doing what you love

Functional Training

Sustainable one-on-one functional exercise coaching focused on structural correction, improved fitness...

The philosophy of ML Chiropractic is based on balance and simplicity. Our purpose is to help you and your family get well and stay well for a lifetime through a natural approach to care and lifestyle education.